Through My Eyes

Eva Kleman

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Koko148 x 210 mm




When a cancerous tumour was about to deprive Eva Kleman of her eyesight it became necessary for her to train herself in finding new forms of vision. She’s been working on ways to see beyond the new limitations, whatever they are, and following the immediate crisis there came a strong desire to convey more of God's presence as she sees it. With her eyes

Eva Kleman sees in depth and with vision. She has seen both heartache and despair. But rising higher than anything else is the joy and peace that comes from God's loving-kindness.
Christina Kjellgren's exquisite watercolours show yet another dimension when viewing the world. They complement the prose beautifully.

Eva Kleman, born 1960 in Motala, Sweden, has been an officer in the Salvation Army since 1981. Living dialogue, words and communication in various forms have played an important part in her life and work as a preacher, teacher, editor-in-chief and communications manager in the Salvation Army. In 2013 colonel Eva Kleman and her husband were appointed as leaders of The Salvation Army's work in Finland and Estonia.

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